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eSettlement Solutions

eSettlement Solutions, an environmentally conscious real estate settlement firm, called upon Marstudio to refine its branding and design its website. Large rollover panels with beautiful imagery, background images that stretch across the page and rotate upon page refresh, strategically placed calls-to-action, and a user-friendly interface make this a sharp, high-impact website that stands out from the rest.


Innovative Pest Management

"We deliver the knockout punch!" is Innovative Pest Management's tagline, and the same applies for Marstudio's approach to the full branding and website design of this pest extermination company. Innovative Pest Management turned to Marstudio for an impactful, creative solution to make their name stand out among other pest management companies.



Medmarc Insurance Group asked Marstudio to envision a whole new brand for the Promarc arm of the company. A new logo was designed that encompasses the essence of the service. Then Marstudio took on the challenge of redesigning the website. With the help of the client a new content structure was created that ultimately lead to a very clean and crisp website with straight forward navigation and content presentation. The high impact nature of the new website provided a much needed boost to subject matter and provided the users with a fresh look and efficient content delivery format.


Montgomery Medical Associates, PC

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC had established itself as a private medical practice before they asked Marstudio to produce a branding and website solution for them. Built with the idea in mind of health care on the individual level, Marstudio endeavored to convey this sense of personalized attention and care by incorporating staff photographs onto each page of the site, as well as thoughtfully placed copy emphasizing the practice's personal touch.


Half Bridal

HalfBridal called upon Marstudio to carry their branding through from start to finish, including an e-commerce website that could effectively showcase hundreds of bridal gowns and dresses in an intuitive and streamlined interface. The structure is both elegant and utilitarian, with a log-in feature and shopping bag, as well as clearly defined calls to action.


Seska Lounge

Exemplifying the Washington Metropolitan Area's vibrant nightlife scene, Seska Lounge set out to find a design team that could communicate not only the lounge's lively atmosphere, but the features that set it apart from other local hotspots. The lounge's menu, which features dishes from seven continents, showcases an international flair that is highlighted in the dramatic, yet minimalist, design. Rich hues frame the thoughtfully selected images that provide the user with a real sense of what to expect from this compelling attraction.


Oakville Grille & Wine Bar

Oakville Grille & Wine Bar came to Marstudio after its initial logo design had been completed. The website features a reservations module, and each page's relevant and enticing imagery work to enhance the restaurant's attraction. The smaller elements and attention to detail are what finish this website; leaf vignettes, wine glass stains, and other particulars tie together the concept that Oakville Grille & Wine Bar is an elegantly inviting restaurant.



A California-based restaurant featuring a scrumptious, healthful, and entirely organic pizza and salad menu, PizzaSalad wanted a branding and website strategy that would strengthen their name and message. Marstudio succeeded in turning the vision of this Earth-conscious startup into a reality with tempting imagery, bold calls to action, intuitive navigation, and a seemingly effortless organization of mission-directed content that powerfully communicates PizzaSalad's eco-friendly message.


CV Expert Review

A cardiovascular medical review startup based in Pennsylvania, CV Expert Review called upon Marstudio to communicate its services in a professional and straightforward way with a modern, unique branding strategy and website. With streamlined navigation and a call to action on every page, as well as a purchasing feature, CV Expert Review delivers targeted content in a manner that is both efficient and memorable.


Ardmore RSM

Ardmore RSM, an Oklahoma-based sleep and respiratory center, turned to Marstudio's team and expertise to produce its branding and website. After garnering a strong understanding of the personalized attention and compassionate care the center offers each of its patients, Marstudio created a website with a look and feel that reflected this all-too-rare approach. Staff bios, as well as beautiful imagery depicting traditional pastoral scenes distinctive of Oklahoma, welcome the visitor and communicate a message of medical excellence and consideration.


eSettlement Solutions Teaser

eSettlement Solutions, an environmentally conscious real estate settlement firm, called upon Marstudio to refine its branding and fully redesign its website. While the website itself was in the process of being built, Marstudio quickly and efficiently implemented an attention-getting teaser website. Built entirely in Flash, the teaser site incorporated audience-targeted rollover panels with descriptions, enticing the user to revisit the site when the build was complete.


Geppetto Restaurant

Geppetto Restaurant came to Marstudio after its initial logo design had been completed. The website features a reservations module, and each page's relevant and enticing imagery work to enhance the restaurant's attraction. The smaller elements and attention to detail are what finish this website; leaf vignettes, wine glass stains, and other particulars tie together the concept that Geppetto Restaurant is an elegantly inviting restaurant.


Faubel + Christensen

Faubel + Christensen, a New York City-based fashion and commercial photography team, wanted a website that showcased their work without detracting from it. In an industry that relies almost exclusively on the images it puts forth, the usual bells and whistles would have had a decidedly deleterious effect. Marstudio stepped in and created a website with a subdued color palette, strikingly minimal framework, and maximum impact.


Norman Mooney

With the help of Marstudio, Manhattan-based contemporary artist Norman Mooney was able to showcase his work in a way that supported his artistic expression, while at the same time letting it speak for itself. Breathable space, smooth transitions built in Flash, and a fluid navigation characterize the website, giving the visitor not only a look at several of Mooney's works, but a broader sense of the sophisticated atmosphere he instills in his creations.


Persian Empire

Persian Empire, a Maryland-based soccer team, came to Marstudio with a small budget, in search of a high-impact website for the purpose of facilitating communication between team members, and to act as a promotional device for the team itself. Incorporating into the design visually impactful imagery and illustrations, Marstudio rose to the challenge and created a brand that was at once dramatic and fun.


Coach DQ

CoachDQ wanted a brand and website that could hold the attention of potential clients by offering a practical, user-friendly interface with plenty of well-placed information. Supported by clear navigation, targeted calls to action, and a Flash piece with rotating testimonials and photos of happy clients, Marstudio fulfilled its promise with a website that delivered in form as well as function.


Star Limousine

Maryland-based Star Limousine called on Marstudio to create a stylish branding and website solution for its limousine service. The design's close attention to detail, and additions such as the leather interior stretch background, an image gallery with glossy photography, and a user-controlled sun roof Flash animation on the home page, work together to drive home the point that this limousine service stands out from the crowd.


Sands Artwork

A fine art gallery based in upscale Rockville Town Square, Sands Artwork came to Marstudio for a brand and website that reflected the decorative, modern art it offers. Features such as a fully functional e-commerce area with a log-in and shopping cart, a smoothly transitioning Flash banner animation, and a comprehensive gallery with detailed hi-res images, each compel the user to engage.


Slouch Couch

The brainchild of a couple of architects, the Slouch Couch's purpose was as a modular lounge chair that could be used in high-traffic venues such as airports, hospitals, and convention centers. Marstudio came on board to create a prototype website for the product, so that the client could market it, acquire venture capital, and mass produce this comfortable and utilitarian "couch."


S3 Companies

Being in the business of developing business, S3 Companies turned to the Marstudio team to design a logo and website that reflects its own business practices. Singular and straightforward, S3 Companies wanted a website that communicated a sense of strategy, so Marstudio steered toward a simpler, more stylized approach and designed a black and white website – the color concept being that their business scope stretches to both sides of the spectrum.


Workspace 11

Workspace 11, a metal fabrication shop specializing in architectural metal components such as hand rails, stair cases, and other specific metal fabrications, turned to Marstudio to help them showcase their work cleanly and simply. A muted color palette and elegantly minimal interface characterize this design, allowing the user to navigate freely and view this company's remarkable craftsmanship.


National Partnership for Highway Quality

The National Partnership for Highway Quality was very specific about its target audience, so they asked Marstudio to come up with a design that would appeal to their clientele, which are mostly government transportation entities. It was Marstudio's job to find and create relevant imagery for each page of the website, and to design it with efficiency in mind, so that every item could be found in seconds.

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