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Celestial Fire Glass

Celestial Fire Glass was looking for a brand that was as eye-catching as their products. We explored how we could create concepts that embody the product and its associated name, focusing on the concept of celestial bodies. The product itself also gave us a lot of visual cues to work with. The colors represent the range of colors available for the product. Overall, this is a very fresh and sophisticated concept with multiple layers that can easily be used for marketing down the road.



Alstom is a French developer of integrated railway systems, and manufacturer of Acela trains. Alstom asked Marstudio to develop a brand that would give them prominence in their field and ensure they would stand out among the competition. We simplified the existing concept to its core strengths and designed a logo that could exist with and compliment the Amtrak and Acela brands while having the necessary presence to stand alone.


Ayoub N&H

Ayoub N&H is a family owned and operated floor covering company. Marstudio created a custom logo which takes cues from Ayoub N&H’s heritage yet still appears modern and powerful. The complex nature of the shape is based on the embroidery and rug patterns. The letter A, representing Ayoub, is present in the shape and it is woven into the icon. The color palette is precise, sophisticated and portrays Ayoub N&H as an elite business that is competent and professional yet rooted in history and family heritage.


Brian Shefferman Law

Brian Shefferman Law, a criminal defense law firm, came to Marstudio looking to build a firm from the brand up. The letters "S" and "L" are intertwined in the icon, and the angles speak to the process of covering all possible angles when it comes to criminal defense. The three-dimensional nature of the icon presents stability and confidence, representing building a strong case to defend clients. The ultimate shape is very strong and cohesive which emulates Shefferman Law's services.



CPeople, a leading provider of healthcare information technology consulting services, came to Marstudio for a brand refresh. We refined the existing concept to make it more modern, current, and sophisticated by fine-tuning the curves of the logo. The result is a more symmetrical and balanced look. The new typeface is custom-made and compliments the curves of the logo. Choosing an uppercase typeface conceptually conveys a sense of strength, authority, and stability, since consulting is all about competency and credibility. Small changes make the biggest impacts; this brand refresh is all about the details.


DC Spiritual Director

DC Spiritual Director’s core services set Marstudio on a path to create a design that not only had inherent meaning but also conveyed a certain feeling and perception right from the onset. Marstudio designed a logo that showcases DC Spiritual Director's goal of "Sparking Hope, Igniting Change." The flame represents passion, light, strength, and energy. It capitalizes on the energy that that DC Spiritual Director provides with his talks and how he helps spark lasting change in the people he engages with. The play of dark and light colors in the palette metaphorically represents spiritual guidance.


Digital Mobilizations, Inc.

Digital Mobilizations, Inc. is an Engineering Services corporation who came to Marstudio for a branding refresh and logo redesign. We focused on combining three conceptual elements in order to create a unique icon that represents the essence of the company. The strong lines of the icon speak volumes to the strength that Digital Mobilizations portrays. The stark lettering creates a strong contrast and gives the overall design a unique depth and sophistication. We then topped off the design with our selected tagline. Overall, this is a very strong brand that has great marketing potential with a good elevator pitch built in.



FitRec, a new social fitness app, was looking to create a strong brand with a focus on making bold fitness choices. A bold, visible logo and app icon were paramount in order to break from the clutter on phones riddled with other apps. One of the main concepts in the logo design was the idea of one person helping another and the sense of community associated with the FitRec app. The logo is essentially two interlocking hands grasping at each other’s forearms, forming a bond. We have coupled the bold icon with a short and catchy name, FitRec.


Gelberg Signs

Gelberg Signs was looking to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary in a big way. Marstudio refreshed Gelberg Signs' logo and designed a 75th-anniversary logo component to complement it. The refreshed logo features clean lines and a new font, giving the logo a sophisticated look. Gelberg Signs' 75th-anniversary logo provides a modern look for an old concept, by bringing a nostalgic element from the 1940's to the forefront. Coupled together, the logos present Gelberg Signs as both professional and experienced.


Growing Innovations

Marstudio embarked on a redesign initiative to introduce completely new concepts that would represent Growing Innovations in a whole new way. Growing Innovations is an advocacy firm dedicated to supporting and educating new solutions to maintaining natural grass playing fields. The bidirectional triangles represent the exchange of information and a creative play on the educational concept. The color gradation reinforces the idea of growth from blue (sky) to brown (earth) and ultimately green (grass). This abstract design represents not only the landscaping industry, but the education that sets Growing Innovations apart.



The Natural Grass Advisory Group was launched by Growing Innovations, a client of Marstudio. With this concept, we attempted to present the educational aspect of this new endeavor. The letter “G” is highlighted to represent growth through the process of education. The main colors selected are the dark brown representing the earth and the green representing the grass and growth.



Acrebay, an investment management firm, came to Marstudio for a typeface-based branding concept. We created a distinct typeface, custom-designed for the Acrebay brand. Although subtle, the typeface has a considerable impact on how the brand is portrayed. We created a font that presents a modern, clean and crisp look. The letters are all designed with the same angled cut, to unify their look. The kerning has been adjusted to create a cohesive look without making the overall appearance congested. The delicate curves balance the letters' structure, conveying a very solid stance overall.


Kicks Karate

The challenge was to reinvent Kicks Karate’s identity with a branding upgrade in order to maximize the potential of this martial arts academy. Marstudio’s team went to work refining the company’s existing logo, focusing attention on refining the lines, updating the typeface to make it more modern, and fine-tuning the color palette to a more sophisticated tone. The new logo integrates the typeface and icon, giving it a more cohesive look and simplifying readability. Both pieces of the logo can be used together or separately, resulting in a very flexible logo that works with a diverse set of applications.


Genesis Health Care

Marstudio focused on combining three main conceptual elements (fountain, tree, and roots) in order to create a unique icon that represents the core of what Genesis Health Care does for their patients. The clean, strong and fluid lines of the icon allow the whole concept to appear very modern, yet still present a very relatable and soft look. The dark brown easily grounds the icon and helps it display a rooted appearance. The curves help balance and serve as a stark contrast to the parallel lines, creating a clean and crisp logo that is memorable and iconic.



MLZ is a luxury travel and real estate agency owned by Meryl McGhee, and Marstudio's branding goal was to reflect the high-quality services Meryl provides to her clients. We created an icon that symbolizes both luxury travel and real estate. MLZ’s initials form the void of the square, the lines creating an aerial visual of a city block that allows the user’s eyes to follow the path and rest on the corners. The directional arrows indicate how MLZ helps clients find the best location for both travel and living. This playful formation and the combination of vibrant colors make for a very clean and crisp logo.


Mobile Accounting USA

Mobile Accounting USA is a full-service accounting firm that provides services either remotely or on-site depending on client needs. We attempted to preserve the previous logo’s essence and compliments its dynamic shape yet incorporates more substance and meaning into the new execution. The new logo is clean and modern while still remaining client-focused. The energetic shape of the logo provides movement, emphasizing the company’s mobile component. The concept is simple, clean and professional and still maintains the original idea while improving upon it.


Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs, LLC, is a central fabrication prosthetics lab. They requested that all marketing efforts for "Pinn Labs" remain consistent with the company’s orthopedics division, Pinnacle Orthopedic Services. Marstudio created an icon that spoke to versatility and precision while still paying tribute to the overall concept of a "pinnacle." We created a stylized version of main brand’s existing logo by borrowing visual elements and then creating a similar visual language but with an entirely new and fresh look. The result is a very structural and abstract representation of that concept that expands on its meaning.



Resilicore, a business management consultant, came to Marstudio for a brand refresh. The goal was to retain a visual connection to the previous icon but update and refine the elements to provide a version with a cleaner execution. New applications were phased in, while keeping recognition between the new and old. Marstudio addressed the associated tagline and made it more specific and in tune with Resilicore’s core services. This new tagline essentially provides a great value proposition right from the start. Together the logo, typeface, and tagline provide Resilicore with a forward-thinking brand identity.


Sonoran Sky Pediatrics

Being a pediatrics practice, Sonoran Sky Pediatrics wanted to create a playful and fun brand. Marstudio sought to upgrade the existing brand to be more current and introduce new visual elements. The original font was lacking depth and visual texture, so Marstudio leveraged this font but stylized it and increased contrast to introduce depth. We introduced two symbolic icons, the biplane and the hot air balloon, in order to reflect the practice's current and future interior design. Overall the design is more dynamic, colorful, and provides a much more refined look.


Splash by Paula

For Splash by Paula’s branding, Marstudio wanted the focus to be on Paula's artwork, and on the transformation that it creates. Paula’s initial "P" splits the two sides of the shape, emphasizing the fact that she stands between a bland item and a creative work of art. This icon has been designed with endless potential in mind, with dynamic colors that can change based on the season, event, or even at random. The endless potential of this design treatment has so many implications when we use the logo across multiple print and digital platforms.



Trevigen, a biotechnology company, came to Marstudio for a branding overhaul. For Trevigen’s logo design, we created an abstract shape having the resemblance of a biological cell spheroid, a Trevigen product. The colors represent the chemical reaction a cell culture reagent goes through during a process, and the incomplete circle represents cell growth. Every aspect of the logo is connected to Trevigen's products, as an abstract design filled with conceptual visuals that represent what Trevigen is all about and showcase the multifaceted organization.



When designing Geminque’s logo, Marstudio wanted to capitalize on their biggest differentiator: offering more colors than any other supplier of decorative accents. Just as Gemnique has separated itself from its competition through colors, Marstudio wanted the logo to also distinguish the company through the use of colors. This resulted in layering translucent spheres of several different sizes and shapes. The colors affect one another just as they would if several different types of glass gems were laid on top of each other. The effect is bold, fun, creative, and eye-catching.

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