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Tired Farmer

By Sam Rooeintan | 1993

In 1993 I started replicating these sketches from various renaissance masters. The idea was to learn different pencil techniques and develop an identity. The process was a lot of fun and the result was most satisfying. This is a sketch done with a soft pencil on white sketch pad paper.

The Old Woman

By Sam Rooeintan | 1993

This is yet another one of my exploration sketches drawn from the works of renaissance masters. The technique here was to create a somber mood through use of finger smudging. The sketch was done using a soft pencil on sketch pad paper and then filled in using smooth movements of finger to create a light grey color.


By Sam Rooeintan | 1992

This sketch was drawn form a live model. The sketch had to be done very fast because the potter kept switching his body position to form the pot that he was working on. The sketch took no longer than a few minutes and the speed of the pencil strokes is apparent in the final drawing.


By Sam Rooeintan | 1990

This was an exercise in light and shadow using a regular HB pencil and a regular 8.5x11 white paper. The challenge was to create a fine texture to depict the light and dark spots as best possible without pressing the pencil very hard. It took numerous layers upon layers to achieve the effect but the result speaks for itself.

Water Bottle

By Sam Rooeintan | 1990

This sketch was a study in transparency. The water bottle shown was made out of a very dense green glass that distorted the light considerably. To show the books behind it I had to concentrate on the numerous layers of light and dark areas that appeared on the glass surface. The exercise was tough one but the result made it all worthwhile.


By Sam Rooeintan | 1997

In 1997 I took a trip to the famous Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum and over there I found a picture of the sculptor on the wall. I was so impressed with his mastery of stone that I decided to make a quick sketch of his portrait as a souvenir for myself. The sketch was done in a few minutes but the impression is a lasting one.

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