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Untitled 3 - Earth and Sky Series

By Sam Rooeintan | 2007

Back in 2007 I embarked on a painting journey to paint a series of abstract paintings depicting earth and sky. My main focus was to create textures that could embody the rugged nature of earth. I extended the same textural exploration to create the sky and its nuances. Basic shapes such as circles helped enrich the composition and symbolize the Sun and the Moon.


By Steph | 2000

Blocks of warm color and soft interwoven lines characterize this piece, revealing two figures, one in the foreground and one farther behind. They are turned in the same direction, yet the foremost figure's line of vision is distinctly different. Painted with watercolor on paper.

Deer Park Series - Red, White & Black Composition

By Sam Rooeintan | 2000

I used to live in an apartment in a neighborhood called Deer Park. I painted three paintings while residing there and this is the first one in the series. I knew that I wanted to create subtle textures to cover the entire canvas and then create shapes that would ultimately form my compositions. This particular painting was heavily influenced by the great Spanish contemporary painter named Tapies.


By Steph | 2000

Scattered lines and layers bring depth and dimension to this painting, done on paper with watercolor. The Sun is featured prominently, high above as it warms as well as casts shadows. A silent dialogue between the two figures take precedence over the piece.

Fuschia, Dark Brown & Orange Composition

By Sam Rooeintan | 2008

One of my favorite painters of all time is Mark Rothko. I absolutely love Untitled,1953. I saw the painting when it was on display in Washington DC National Gallery and since that time I always wanted to get my hands dirty and attempt to recreate it as an homage piece. I finally did it and the result was more satisfying that I imagined.


By Steph | 2000

Splashes of color and shadow inbue this piece with a sense of weightlessness, while rounded lines reveal dreamlike elements conveyed with a childlike simplicity; the night sky, the blue of the ocean mingles with the unconscious mind, the Sun is simply a distant memory, and... is that a Bogeyman? Watercolor on paper.

Untitled 1 - Photograph Abstraction Series

By Sam Rooeintan | 2008

In mid 2008 I started another series based on black and white photograph abstractions. I would extrude certain features of a photograph and represent them as shapes on a canvas. The result sometimes made no compositional sense but it had its roots in an actual landscape. I then proceeded to introduce colors and create a palette that would exude its own identity.


By Steph | 2000

Rich colors divided by strong lines and shapes convey the intimacy behind this piece, painted with watercolor on paper. The interpretive expression of the two figures is subjective, and the details are what give the piece depth and uniqueness.

Untitled 5 - Miro Dances with Mondrian

By Sam Rooeintan | 2008

In late 2009 I revisited what made me so interested in painting. I began to dig deep and find out what or who really fascinated me. I immediately came across two names: Miro and Mondrian. I fell in love with Miro's abstraction. The fact that Miro could place vibrant primary colors on the canvas and make them dance in front of my eyes was very appealing to me. On the other hand I was extremely captivated by Mondrian's sense of structure. I always thought how I could combine the tow sensibilities and create a composition that borrowed elements from each master and have them interact with each other. The result was very exciting.

The Animals

By Steph | 2000

Carl Jung said it succinctly, in his 1963 autobiography: "At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and am living in every tree, in the splashing of the waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the procession of seasons. There is nothing with which I am not linked." Watercolor on paper.

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