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Carbon Neutral Hosting Solution

Marstudio's Earth-friendly hosting provider has made a concerted effort toward resource conservation by turning off lights, reducing travel, and printing on both sides of the page, to reduce their carbon footprint in every way possible. In order to increase their efforts towards carbon neutrality they use clean, renewable energy. Since they do not have the option to put up solar panels or connect with a green power utility at their facilities, they have opted to purchase Renewable Energy Credits. To neutralize those unavoidable emissions they've invested in Emission Reduction Credits (aka, "offsets") which guarantee that their remaining impact is effectively erased.

Reducing Resource Usage

Marstudio's eco-friendly hosting provider is always looking for more ways to reduce their resource usage around the office and at their data center. In the last couple of years they've deployed many more servers with notoriously power-efficient AMD processors. As processor and server technology continues to evolve, they have a commitment to following the path of power efficiency.

Green Energy at the Source

Clean, renewable energy plants output not only electricity, but also Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). RECs are sold in with the electricity by which they are generated, or separately. Because the generation of clean, renewable energy does not result in carbon emissions, the purchase of RECs allows Marstudio's hosting provider to nuetralize the carbon emissions related to their electricity use. Instead of offsetting their electricity related emissions, they simply avoid them by utilizing green energy at the source.

Renewable Energy Credits

Marstudio's energy conscious hosting provider purchases enough REC credits - which are retired after purchase and not resellable - to account for their energy usage. The proceeds of all these purchased credits are then put toward funding further emission reduction and renewable energy projects. Their Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) have been certified by Green-e.

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