Corporate Film & Photography Department Services

Marstudio is redefining the photography and film industry by providing a comprehensive array of photography services under one roof. Our professional photographers have a deep understanding of the history of photography and the journey that has led us to today. Our photography and videography services are based in an appreciation for what matters to our valued clients and how we can bring our clients’ visions to life. We are adept at taking on the most challenging of corporate film and photography assignments, either on location or in our state of the art studio, and consistently offer a great range of photographic and film solutions that address all aspects of any corporate marketing need. Our core services are as follows:

Executive Headshots

An executive portrait is one of the most important ways to professionally present yourself on the web or in print. Your photograph speaks volumes about you, and at Marstudio we understand how important that is. We carefully art-direct and tailor our executive portrait photo shoots to encapsulate and enhance each individual’s characteristics and natural presence, while making the process as easy as possible by providing a comfortable and fun environment. Marstudio’s state of art facility and lighting equipment ensure high quality, beautiful portraiture for every one of our clients. Visit our Executive Portrait gallery to view a great selection of our latest work.

Architecture & Interior Photography

Presenting your space the best way possible is essential for your success. Investing in top-notch photographs of your building or interior space pays huge dividends in securing current or prospective client confidence. Crisp, clean, and well-photographed spaces speak volumes about your products and services, and will contribute to marketing collateral that is professional and trustworthy.

Whether it is a brand new facility, newly remodeled space, or a house on the market, Marstudio does it all. We take carefully art-directed photos of both interior and exterior spaces that can be used on your website, in your marketing collateral, or in advertisements. With expert professional lighting and an attention to detail, we make your space look as beautiful in a photo as it does in real life. We specialize in photographing a wide variety of spaces including hotels, office buildings, restaurants, retail facilities, and much more. Visit our Architecture and Interiors galleries to view a great selection of our latest work.

Food & Beverage Photography

At Marstudio we understand the undeniable role that appropriately art-directed food and beverage photography plays in the selling process. In today’s world having an appetizing food shot or an enticing beverage photo is essential in persuading your current or prospective clients to choose your brand over the competition.

Marstudio Photography offers expert on-location or in-studio Food & Beverage photo shoots. Our professional photography team gets involved from beginning to end during the shoot, including food preparation, staging, and lighting, resulting in the best possible visuals for your website and other marketing initiatives. Visit our Food & Beverage gallery to view a great selection of our work.

Product Photography

If you are selling a product, your customers want to know exactly what they are buying. A great way to help them feel confident about their purchase is a beautiful, accurate photograph of your product. We specialize in staging your products the way they are meant to look while playing up their vibrant colors, beautiful textures, and attributes. We carefully choreograph our product photo shoots for a crisp, consistent look throughout your entire line of products. We are equipped to conduct on-location or in-studio product photo shoots and our expert photographers work to ensure perfect shots every time. Visit our Products gallery to view a great selection of our work.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photos are a great tool for storytelling or displaying a product or service in action. We understand how important lifestyle photography can be to your business and its role in presenting your products or services to the world. Marstudio is equipped to handle carefully choreographed lifestyle photo shoots on-location or in-studio to meet your needs. We collaborate with you to select the models that accurately represent your target demographic and ethnicity; we then scout locations or set up an in-studio photo shoot to meet the requirements of each assignment. Whether you are planning to shoot a product or advertise a service, we have the equipment and experience necessary to realize your vision. Visit our Lifestyle gallery to view a great selection of our work.

Aerial Videography & Photography

Aerial photography and videography is no longer exclusive to big-budget movie production houses, and you don’t need an expensive helicopter to get the footage that you need. Nowadays you can get the same quality shots with remotely operated drones, and Marstudio is equipped with the best in the industry. We own and operate DJI Inspire 1 drones with 4K cameras that can capture high-definition, cinema-quality photos and videos. Our drones will allow you to showcase your properties, buildings, outdoor fields and monuments like never before. With 400 feet of flight altitude, there is no structure that cannot be captured from a bird’s-eye view. And with 4K resolution, every detail will be visible and showcased in high-definition video. Contact us today to schedule your aerial shoot.

Personal Projects

At Marstudio we have an affinity for the art of photography. When not working on our client assignments we focus our attention on meaningful personal projects and other fun photographic endeavors. We love documenting the world around us, and as such we have amassed a large number of beautiful images that can inspire and delight your optical senses. Visit our Personal Projects gallery to view a great selection of our work.

Do you have a need outside of our listed categories or services? Contact us and see how we can help you!