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Meet Marstudio's Executive Team

Shevy S. | CEO | Chief Marketing Officer & Partner

A graduate of University of Maryland and University of Baltimore School of Law. Growing up as the son of a businessman, Shevy's entrepreneurial spirit has always driven him to pursue new and exciting business ventures. He truly enjoys finding solutions that help businesses get off the ground, continue their growth, and maintain their competitive edge.

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Sam R. | VP | Creative Director & Founder

An original founding member and Creative Director since 2000. Sam blew away the competition at New Jersey Institute of Technology and has worked for the likes of AOL, CoStar Group, Discovery Channel and Network Solutions. Sam was, is, and continues to be the heart of Marstudio and is our lead point of contact for every client project.

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Annie K. | Media Director

With a background in graphic design for tech startups, Annie discovered that she enjoys painting with CSS as much as with Photoshop. She now spins words into websites, composing the hidden poetry that brings Marstudio's designs to clickable life. Although Annie loves to breathe elegant functionality into beautiful form, she's skeptical that "if you build it, they will come." So after creating an online presence worth finding, she leads the Marstudio team on a mission to make sure it gets found – combining strategic experience with the best in digital marketing technology.

Mylene R. | Project Director

A graduate of Kent State College of Business Administration, Mylene has always had a passion for all things business and marketing. Mylene uses her organizational and strong leadership skills to oversee all aspects of every project and help improve internal and external communication. She sees the project through from start to finish and ensures the end result is executed to exceed clients' expectations.

Nicole G. | Communications Director

Nicole blends her academic career and digital marketing experience to bring a wealth of knowledge to the Communications Director role. Her degree in Mass Communications and Marketing gives the expertise needed to find cutting-edge and creative ways to facilitate both internal and external communications. Through efficiency, creativity, and innovation, Nicole is always finding new answers to the ever-present question: "How can we be doing this better?"

Steph B. | Marketing Director

Steph combines her efficiency, hard work and people skills with a strong academic background in healthcare. Her goal is to really listen to what our clients would like accomplished for their marketing needs and see it to fruition. She has a passion for working with the public and advocating for them and has done so for over 10 years. Steph has brought a fresh voice and a new perspective to our marketing team. Her effective and personable communication skills assist in client and vendor relations alike, driving new business development.

MaSara M. | Art Director

MaSara has an unyielding passion for all things design. With a B.F.A in Graphic Design, she skillfully blends her traditional artistic background with a unique creative perspective that results in clean, attractive, and successful designs for our clients. Like any designer, MaSara is opinionated, observant, and she strives to design with intention. She will ensure your projects hit the mark visually, whether it be a custom user interface or a fresh corporate identity for your budding new venture.

Olga K. | Development Director

Shortly after receiving her B.A. of Psychology from the University of Maryland, Olga discovered that the technical challenges of web design and development were a better fit for her creative spirit. Powered by a never-ending quest to find out how things work, Olga combines her technical savviness with a love of art and a passion for building things. She lives by the art of code, finding creative solutions and bringing designs to life out of the building blocks of code.

Edlin F. | Studio Director

With a B.A. in Business Administration and Associates in Photography, Edlin brings a unique combination of skills. She has a great understanding in the financial/operational aspect of Marstudio as well as communicating with clients and vendors. She works closely with vendors in coordinating the production of marketing collateral for our clients.

Debar A. | Content Director

Curate, create, collect, and customize. Debar proceeds to see the correct combinations, turning letters into words, words into sentences, and sentences into sales, with nothing left out. As nouns, verbs, and adjectives run around on the jungle gym in his mind, technical knowledge and creativity playfully seesaw, while his B.S. in Marketing & Information System chaperones. This family of skill works to help give your brand the voice that it needs to succeed and then to supersede.

Zela K. | Production Director

Zela’s interest in Film and Photography started during the early stages of high school. He began his career as an amateur food and beverage social media photographer, taking pictures for brands like Chipotle and Chick-fil-A before enjoying his meal. Now, he uses his artistic and creative ability to produce everything from executive headshots to promotional videos. Zela works closely with clients to bring out the best of their company for the world to see.

Marstudio is a highly qualified and experienced Graphic Design Agency & Creative Marketing Firm all under one roof! We have extremely diverse capabilities in print design, web design and development, multimedia and a plethora of other creative disciplines. Headquartered in Rockville, MD, we conduct business locally (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia) and nationwide. Please feel free to contact us.
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